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When remodeling your home, we take each of these things to heart here at Exponential Construction. Whether it be inside or outside, we take pride in exceeding your expectations when it comes to working on your home.

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Humble Craftsmen Creating Exponential Results

Exponential Construction was born in the COVID-19 Pandemic. In August 2020, Nate Bunty and John Vajda created Exponential Construction LLC and began marketing fence construction under the trade name Lancaster Fence Builder.

Always keeping our eye on quality over quantity, we ensured that our jobs met our clients satisfaction as well as keeping our company profitable to create a win-win environment on every deal we struck.

Now, we have the opportunity to expand our offering. We’ve added additional craftsmen with a broad skill set that will allow us to bring John’s eye for design to more comprehensive outdoor projects as well as inside the home for interior renovations.

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What We Do

Deck Construction

We offer professional quotes for projects that can transform our clients' exterior spaces.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Our designers help you make the most of your existing space, and our expert installers ensure the finished product meets your exacting standards.

Basement Finishing

Whether you are taking a rough basement into new life with a full finish or reworking the basement family room into your man cave or home theater, we can assist with transitioning your old space into a new life.

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